HeartCatch Precure 22 Released

Sometimes my editor comes up with fantastic suggestions I just can't use. It's very saddening.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Edit: Sorry, folks! Accidentally linked both DDL links to the SD’s. The HD DDL link is fixed now, my apologies for being dumb D:

Thanks to resident DDLstress maryadavies, as ever. My powers of releasing when she’s away and being asleep when she posts the DDLs are unparalleled. Also don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

I guess we said we’d get this out on Thursday, and it is kinda Thursday in Europe. I guess for everyone else it’s early though? Hooray for early. Ep 23 should follow behind fairly soon this weekend, not that it matters as nothing important happens in that episode anyway.

Translatey stuff after I get a chance to write it.

Name meanings. Pretty boring one this week. Mizushima is a fairly standard Japanese surname that just means ‘water island’. Like an island within a lake?! What could this mean?! Probably nothing, don’t fret over it. Aya’s name most likely derives from the adjective ‘ayashii’. This generally means suspicious or untrustworthy, but when used to describe someone’s handiwork it means ‘clumsy’ or ‘butterfingered’. This seems to fit Aya down to a tee, so I think it’s rather clever.

Also, am I the only one who directly remembers Tsubomi stating to Erika when joining the Fashion Club that she would have to “share her with the Gardening Club”? It seems like either bad continuity on the part of the writers or Erika is just really goddamn stupid. Probably the latter, actually.

The term “green-handed” in this episode appears to be Japan bastardizing the English phrease “green-fingered” to meet their own Engrishy ends. To make things more confusing is the equally valid “green thumb” in English, used to describe the person rather than the skill. We decided to just turn the Engrish “green hand” into “green-handed” and figured that’d be the most neutral way to do it. Also, it’d be weird to have the actors going GURIIN HANDO while the subs have “finger” or “thumb” or whatever. Also, green curtain is a fucking stupid term.

We had a bit of a discussion – and feel free to wade into it – about the whole “typhoon” thing. I was under the impression that ‘typhoon’, as we use it in the western world, descended from the Greek ‘typhon’. Lobster pointed out however that it’s likely to have descended from the Japanese ‘taifuu’, and hence not translating ‘taifuu’ as ‘typhoon’ was a fucking dumb thing to do (I originally had it as ‘tempest’.) Any etymologists in the house want to clear this up for us? I would like to be certain of defeat before offering him his victory fellatio.

And finally, the phrase Tsubomi uses for ‘adversity builds character’ literally means “after the storm, the ground hardens”. It’s a very clever reference to the fact it was just raining, you see, but also pointing out that the water soggifies the ground and it hardens up again as it evaporates or is absorbed by the earth, much like how people become stronger after going through tough times. It’s very clever, cause it’s about gardening and stuff. Really. It’s goddamn genius.

15 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 22 Released

  1. The inadvertent humorous line was in the subtitles when Potpourri says that the Precures “have to shave her!!!”.

  2. There’s a great line similar to that coming up in the most boring episode ever, 23. It managed to get itself stuck in my head for a few days after I edited it, only amplifying the pain from that ep.

  3. Nice to see a screw attack power used again. Every time I see one I think of the original Marble Screw in Pretty Cure.

  4. Hey quick question are you gonna do the CMs that TV-N did or should I just bite the bullet and download theirs?

    Cause I’ll wait.

  5. Maaaaaybe, but it’s not something really on our priority list right now. The kind of thing we might done once we’re caught up and feeling in the mood, like the stage show, etc.

  6. Google searching shows that the word “typhoon” seems to have had influence from both of those sources. The Eastern influence seems to be Chinese, but I looked up the kanji myself and it uses the same kanji, and is pronounced similarly to “typhoon”, in both Chinese and Japanese. (Actually, the kanji in Japanese seems to be one simplified and one traditional Chinese character, which is odd, but it’s obviously the same word.)

    I came up with this page in Google: http://podictionary.com/?p=2128

  7. As a fellow of the noble house of QI, it’s always interesting to see Dampier’s name crop up. A very interesting explanation of the word’s origins and a very nice listen, many thanks for sharing.

  8. Any love you have for stage shows will be completely ruined by the HeartCatch one. It’s, umm. Special.

    We’re pretty much going to do it because it’s funny in a kind of hilarious B-movie way. Also, it’s technically Kobraja’s debut, as the stage show’s run started just before he actually appeared in-show.

    There’s a fantastic moment where he goes “YOU ALL KNOW WHO I AM RIGHT” and the audience is just completely “uh, no.” It’s pretty fantastic.

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