HeartCatch Precure 21 Released

At least there's no Cure Passion... r-right? (Don't click don't click oh god don't click...)

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
Thanks to Mary for the DDLs (even if she is mean about our release schedule ;.;) and don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

See, I told you we’d get it out on Monday! What do you mean it’s not Monday?! It’s totally still Monday in, like… Hawaii. Hawaii has rights too you know, you insensitive cad!

Anyway, TLish stuff after the jump, as ever. <3

Meanings of the names and the etc! Tsurusaki, then, this ep. Tsuru means ‘crane’, and is, I am fairly sure, a reference to her gigantically long neck. It’s actually not that bad, but the way she has a high collar with a very thin opening really makes it seem longer by hiding away her collar bone, doesn’t it? The kanji for ‘saki’ in her name just means ‘peninsula’, which I don’t think has any particular relevance? It’s just likely they scanned a list of names using the ‘tsuru’ kanji and went “Oh, yeah, that one will do.” Bear in mind also it’s her surname, and she has no stated first name.

The book they’re reading from, “I Am A Cat”, is a rather interesting little bit of Japanese literature. It’s about, well, a very posh self-important and prestiguous cat, and as such I really was kind of torn here. A more faithful interpretation of the quoted text would be very poshly written, something more like “One is a cat, though one knows not where one was born, nor does one have a name to call one’s own.”, etc, but this felt like it would be really jarring to those unfamiliar with the source work which I think will probably be… most people watching this show. Feel free to read more over at the wikipedia page, though. It’s an interesting little series.

Tsurusaki employs a bit of annoying Japanese grammatical fudgery in her squealing Desertrian talk. The emphatic “kowai yo~” she employs when talking about ghosts can either be interpretted as an objective statement of the fact that ghosts are scary, or a subjective that she finds them scary. I decided the latter followed by justifying with the former made the most sense from a narrative standpoint, but there’s definitely room for interpretation there.

In addition, from a typesetting perspective, we decided not to translate the newspaper on Kanae’s bulletin board. There are four shots of it during the scene – two from a great distance where the text is pretty blurry and hard to read, one which is blocked by people standing in front of it, and then a scrolling close-up shot that… fades out the moment all the text scrolls into view. Don’t worry though, because the entire contents of the legible text is, word for word, the line she says explaining it. The black text with red border is “Is he an alien, or some kind of ghost?!” and then the text underneath is “Prowling the school grounds in search of the third Precure, a MYSTERIOUS FIGURE.” because Japanese grammatical sentence order is dumb like that.

By which I mean “different from English.” Which, of course, makes it dumb. What, you think I learned this language cause I like it? I’m just in it for the video games and the chicks, man.

Also, you might be asking “Magenta, why is the SD so damn small?” Well, when encoding the SD (from ep 17 onwards, at least.) I use a mode which delivers equivalent quality as opposed to a consistent filesize. That is to say, every ep has roughly the same accuracy to source, but depending on how intense the episode is, the filesize can vary pretty wildly. What happened here is is that our normal raw source happened to goddamn crap itself pretty explosively for the period encompassing eps 21-23, and a (slightly!) lower quality source requires less bitrate to deliver equivalent accuracy. It still looks pretty damn good though, if I do say so myself. :3 Just, you know. If you pause it and start freeze-framing you might be able to see some dirty dirty artifacts. Don’t do that. Please. D:

Anyway, enjoy the episode. <3

3 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 21 Released

  1. It’s not like episodes 21-23 are really worth bothering about in terms of quality, anyhow. When do we get to plot again?

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