HeartCatch Precure 20 Released

We all know Potpourri is the real villain of this show. Don't deny it.

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Boring translatey stuff, as ever, after the jump for ~spoiler reasons~.

I’ll take this in rough chronological order because there’s nothing outright notable about this ep. First of all, name meaning. Karin’s surname, which is never mentioned in episode, is ‘Tsuyuki’ – literally, “dew-covered tree”. This might go some way as to explaining why all the backgrounds in this episode have a bad case of dandruff, but it’s likely unrelated. I just want to someone to try and explain that because it’s so utterly weird. WHY DOES EVERY LOCATION IN THIS EPISODE HAVE DANDRUFF? IT’S HORRIBLE! IT’S SO HORRIBLE!

Karin meanwhile is just an all around floral name. As with most of the floral names, it’s not connected to what species her flower of the heart is, but… well, it’s connected to a lot of them. Rather than list them, let’s let WWWJDIC do it for me cause I’m lazy:
カリン 《花; 花林; 花》 【かりん】 (n) (1) (uk) Burmese rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus); angsana; amboyna; amboina; (2) (uk) (not 花林 or 花) flowering quince (of genus Chaenomeles) (Pseudocydonia sinensis); Chinese quince (Chaenomeles sinensis); (3) (uk) (only 花 or カリン) quince (Cydonia oblonga)
So, tl;dr, “flowers”. Always good to know.

Dune is always just referred to as “Dune-sama” by the Desert Apostles, but is it just me or does having a load of aliens from another plane of existence using honorifics in an English script just seem a little off? Maybe just me. In any case, his full title is the exiled King of the Desert Apostles, so that’s what he gets to be. I am nothing if not benevolent to such a bro as Dune. Jesus, I loved Sabark as a villain, but this ep made me do a 180 so fast it surprised even me. Stop betraying bros, Sabark. >:(

The sweets ‘buffet’ is something I find personally goddamn hilarious – the Japanese term is, literally, “sweets viking”. I have tried to find the etymology for this, and the most goddamn awesomely funny one I’ve found – and thus the one I wish to accept – is that they decided the word ‘smorgasbord’ was too complicated to steal, and just went “Well, it’s Scandinavian, isn’t it? Let’s just use ‘viking’ instead.” Regardless of how it came into being, though, it’s just a really dumb term I wasn’t willing to inflict on the script.

Potpourri has a little speech defect – every instance of ‘desu’ is instead replaced with ‘deshu’. I kind of overdid it with adding ‘sh’s to Poppy’s dialogue a bit with this ep just to hammer in “POTPOURRI GODDAMN TALKS FUNNY”, but once the novelty wears off it gets toned back. It’s the kind of thing that’s difficult to balance – on the one hand, you don’t want to overdo forcing the letter ‘s’ into a line just so you can accurately map the speech nuance in the Japanese if it means the line sounds silly. On the other hand, when a natural opportunity presents itself to you and there’s like 5 instances of the letter s in one line, converting them all would just be daft. Requires a bit of subjective balance I’m still finding it hard to get used to, I must admit.

You might think you saw a subliminal message during the competition bit at the end, by the way. I assure you, nothing is further from the truth.

11 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 20 Released

  1. Going on public record: I fucking hate Potpourri’s ‘speech defect’ and everything associated with it.

  2. That’s what you get for editing a magical girl show, bro. This series has had the least annoying mascots of any Precure series thusfar, Potpourri is just there to balance it out. :3

  3. I think it’s cute. :D Not any more annoying than the other fairies’ constant ”desu” (not to mention Tsubomi).

  4. >>Watch episode fearing that JUST AS PLANNED would pop up during that scene
    >>It doesn’t


  5. In fairness, the DAT FRUMIX thing was actually something I fully intended to take out of the script but kind of forgot to when encoding. We decided it was kinda hilarious and we were ok with leaving it in.

    No intention of it happening again. Probably. >.>

  6. That was Magenta’s idea. I just forced him to keep it in because it was a) minimally intrusive, and b) funny as hell. So he wants me to take credit for it.


  7. Well I’m glad he did. Along with the ZOOM thing.

    You guys actually seem like you’re having a lot of fun doing this project, and I can respect that. And you do it within limits, unlike… some other sub group… http://tinyurl.com/2ambajw

  8. I did have to remove something from 22 because it was in a dramatic scene (I’ll probably use it as the front page image) but yeah, we are. It’s kind of reinforced by the freedom of being able to do whatever the hell we like now, so once that initial euphoria wears off we’ll probably be more sensible.


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