HeartCatch Precure 19 Released

Unfortunately, without RTD in charge, Kobraja didn't get the role purely based on fabulousness.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
And don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

Translatey stuff after the jump.

Name meanings time! The surname of the family here is ‘Horiuchi’ – literally “to live within the moat”. It hence has kind of noble connections, implying an ancestry that once had the privelege of living in a castle or similar dwelling, but is it just me or does the episode lend itself to interpreting the name as meaning ‘withdrawn’, almost living in isolation? Something to think about, at least. The father’s name is ‘Tadashi’ – written using the same kana as… yup, ‘Masa’ from all the first names back in ep 17. Again, it means ‘correct’, but is also often used in fiction as a name for old men. Obviously one is not born old, but it’s a name vaguely akin to “Victor” or “Geoffrey” in English – it just kind of has that feeling of antiquity that’s useful for pointing out “btw, this character is pretty old, lol”

Mini fun-fact: Megaman players may well know the whole deal of confusion over whether the good doctor’s name is meant to be Doctor Right or Doctor Light. The Battle Network series played around with this by having the player’s grandfather be named “Tadashi Hikari” – literally, “Right Light”. Neat, huh? What do you mean “No”?! Screw you too! D:

The daughter’s name, Aki, has many meanings. The one that’s most generally used as a name is the kanji meaning ‘Fall’ or ‘Autumn’. It can also however mean an opening left behind by someone’s leaving, which I think is a rather clever little name meaning, non?

Today’s elephant in the room (They love giving me culturally impossible to translate things as of late, don’t they?) is, say it together now, Henohenomoheji. “Now Magenta”, I hear you say, “What the heck is a Henohenomoheji”? Well, I just linked to the damn Wikipedia article, what more do you want?! But it’s basically a face drawn on scarecrows that’s made up of various symbols from the Japanese alphabet. The eyebrows are drawn using the hiragana “he” (へ), the eyes using “no” (の), the nose using “mo” (も), the mouth using another “he”, and then the outline of the face using a “ji” (じ). It’s a neat little trick to get kids to remember some of the alphabet, like some kind of alphabetic mnemonic, almost.

5 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure 19 Released

  1. Your translation note are wonderful. You learn so much. I think i’m going to start writing Henohenomoheji at the end of my signature from now on when i sign for stuff ^_^;..

  2. Cool. I was always wondering abot that ”face” that appears in a lot of shows, glad that now i know what it means (and what it’s called). XD Thanks for the lovely explanations~

  3. Just wondering, the funny of Kobraja you have in the post, was the quote inspired my David Tennant’s Doctor Who? Or was the similarity of the wording just pure coincidence?

  4. Force: Yes. I do nothing if not make bad references whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    That Guy: “Special * Colourful”, Erika’s image song. CD came out around ep 10-ish time. It also appeared in episode… 8? 7? The one with Momoka as the Desertrian, anyway.

    Tsubomi’s image song “tsu-bo-mi ~Future Flower~” gets used in both 24 and 25

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