HeartCatch Precure 18 Released

In all good faith, I couldn't actually use this translation.

SD: DDL | Torrent
HD: DDL | Torrent
And don’t forget this and all our other episodes can be downloaded from the [Precure]AllStars bot over at #precure on irc.curecom.net (or #news on irc.rizon.net thank you very much Rika ;o)

Edit: Oh right, translatey things. Catch them after the jump – including some of the stuff too typesetting for TV!

Okay, so the elephant in the room: Banchou. Why leave it untranslated? Well, two real reasons. First, the most narratively compelling, is that from the point of view of the protagonist (Tsubomi) the word is a complete unknown – translating it would have essentially ruined the “So what’s a banchou?” scene. The other thing is is that their explanation of it’s meaning is watered down beyond belief.

See, the thing with banchous is that they’re generally antagonistic people who go around leading a bunch of thugs to do their dirty work – the chou indeed means a ‘leader’. The show paints a very floral version of what a banchou is that’s more palatable to the sensibilities of the young girls who’ll be watching the show, and they don’t do much leading at all. While you could translate as ‘gang boss’ or something similar, it’d be totally inaccurate in the context of the show’s portrayal of what a banchou is, even if it’s technically accurate to the meaning.

On a more humourous note, the leader of the banchous (irony!) name is “Big Oobanchou”, with Big being, well, in English. The issue is that ‘Oo’ is Japanese for big, so rather than call him “Big Big Banchou” we just went for “Big Banchou” and assumed they were being redundant.

I am also asked by my editor at this point to pose the question “Is his family rich?” or “Are his family rich?”

On a typesetting note, this episode… haha, wow. Lobster made the quip to me that this episode would be “too much work and virtually impossible to typeset” – I paraphrase – which of course meant I was going to try and do it anyway just to prove I could. Luckily (?) our editor was away for the weekend at the time I was working on it, giving me the couple of days I needed to typeset everything before the script could go to him anyway. As such, nothing got held up – huzzah! There’s about 200 lines of overcomplicated over-positioned typesetting stuff lying at the end of the script, so if seeing code like:

\3a&H2F\4a&H1F\shad2\fnJellyka – Love and Passion\fs100\an5\t(\fscx85\fscy85)\frz24\fscx140\fscy140
\move(848,23,785,96,20,100)\t(20,100,\fscx100\fscy100)}HeartCatch Precure

…gives you a hardon, this is the episode for you.

And finally, your present for reading this far. The bookshelf in the library was too densely packed to even consider translating, so I pieced it together in Photoshop instead. Take a look at all the lovely books on how to draw mangas here.

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