Idolm@ster 2 First PV

So, one thing both Lobster and I share is a great love for the Idolm@ster series. Awesome music combined with really likable characters and great character development over the course of the series? Fuck yeah, we love some IM@S. So when im@s2 got announced, we just had to sub the first PV.

It’s a shame that Xenoglossia blew dicks, but hey. I’m sure there’s plenty of decent im@s content in need of subbing.

Watch the PV here:

Or watch it in 720p on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Idolm@ster 2 First PV

  1. So you’re saying that you’ll be subbing this game(s) as well? Looks good, I’ll be looking forward to it. what platform(s) will it be on?

  2. You mean now you’re getting into rom hacking? NAH!

    I have heard of Idolmaster as a crazy gamer but importing stuff just where I wana read the story(since I don’t understand JP) just doesn’t appel to me..

  3. Nah, translating a game is a little impractical. XD Just the promo materials for it and stuff.

    That said, there’s an awful lot of im@s stuff that isn’t the games. We’ll see. It’s probably something we’ll get more seriously into once HeartCatch is over.

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