Hatopuri Pre. ver

Hatopuri Pre. ver

In fairness, it was a better choice than Sailor Neptune.

Hi there, welcome to Aesir. I’m one of your lovely hosts, Magenta, and I’d like to tide you over with our first little mini-release. Whilst the SD versions of 16+17 are both ready to go, I don’t want to jump the gun and release 17 before 16’s gone out at T-N, so I thought “What could we do to welcome all these lovely people to our site when we haven’t got any episodes out yet?” and my thought was this.

It’s an adorable little 16-page fan-manga about HeartCatch, with some 4-panel gag comics and an adorable little mini-story. The moment Lobster showed it to me I knew I had to translate it, so I hope you all enjoy it, it’s really, really cute.

Really cute.

Download from this link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/voftdz

7 thoughts on “Hatopuri Pre. ver

  1. Megenta I’m sorry to hear that you guys broke up due to drama. I like that you’re helping the precure community so hopefully I can eventually get all the seasons subtitled. I’d love to help but since I’m dyslexic the best I could do would be to help you guys buy R2 DVD sets if you need them. Thanks for all you’re doing.

    Jon Davies Jr.

  2. Damnit it bro, Tv-N did you wrong and it’s great you are spreading your wings quick question you don’t mind linking BroSubs here do you? If not that’s awesome and good luck if you need any help BroSubs has got your back.

  3. Thank you very much for this! I don’t know much about why you split from TN but the PC fans across the world appreciate your hard work! :)

  4. Sailor Moon is the mother of all new magical girl animes/mangas (or else we would still only have magical witches). And it’s still the best title in the magical girl genre.

    Thanks for continuing with YPC5 & HCPC. <3 Good luck to you guys. Ganbatte~

  5. I bring you, gentlemen, tidings of a most vexing nature. The sendspace link for this is being all ‘LOLNOPE FAGGOT’ when I try to download the manga. Could you please re-upload the link somewhere that doesn’t bugger up when your backs are turned? Cos that would be pretty sweet.

    Thanks :)

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