Kamen Rider Gaim – 26

What did you say about my mother?

What did you say about my mother?

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We’ve had a deathmatch in the Aesir offices this week about how to handle the Overlord language, now that it’s possible to decipher it. It was a bloody and painful struggle to the death until only one survived, but we’ve ended up with the solution of implementing a cipher of our own. In much the same way the original Overlord language could be deciphered into Japanese so you could know what was being said, this cipher can be deciphered into English.

We were unanimously against the idea of just offering straight translations of what’s being said at this point in time – it’s pretty spoiler-heavy and you’re not “meant” to just know what’s being said when they say it. The onus is on the viewer to choose to decipher that dialogue – and its spoilers – if they so wish.

Anyway tl;dr we locked Caphi in the basement and wrote a cipher. Much thanks to the incredible @melodicwaffle for spending an evening working on it, and creating something that sounds pretty language-y for a cipher. Seriously, the amount of talented people who’ve kindly agreed to help us with things has been nothing short of incredible.

Enjoy the episode!

Locomotive Troop ToQGer vs. Power Rider Bastion

But Sirius very kindly did.

But Sirius very kindly did.

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Raw —> Aesirius
Over-Time —> Aesirius

We understand people were upset with us for not subbing the ToQGer vs. Gaim special. We put our own personal feelings above the needs of our userbase, and that was wrong. So wrong we couldn’t have realized it by ourselves. But then the lovely Sirius B came along, and showed us both how to improve our product, and how to improve as people.

This is the realization of that alliance – a product closer than ever to the product we’ve always wanted to give to you. One that combines the best shows Japan has to offer with higher-quality writing and translation throughout all aspects of our process, and not just because Caphi didn’t work on this one.

But because we did this for you. All of you.

Please, enjoy the crossover and a peek into the new world of Gaim we want to bring to you – the world of Power Rider Bastion.

Yamaguchi Tomomitsu – Rainbow Bridge wo Watatte PV

It's Sagara time

It’s Sagara time

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Some people may not know Sagara’s actor is also a pop singer. This fact amused us greatly, and we thought it’d be neat to sub one of his songs, so we thought the occasion would be a good excuse to do so.

So here’s Sagara singing about starting a new life, and bridges, and apartment stairs. I think that’s what it’s about? Don’t look at me, I only translated it.