Kamen Rider Gaim – 42

"We're still relevant, right?"

“We’re still relhellevant, right?”

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We seem to have had a hell of a lot of issues this week! I think the whole team did a hell of a job though. The one that gave us the most hell was this “Woman of the Beginning” term, which last showed up hella cryptically way the hell back in Episode 23. We wrote “woman at the start of it all” because we had no idea in hell what it meant, so we’ll retro-address that whenever the hell we release a v2 set.

Enjoy the hell out of this episode!

Kamen Rider Gaim – 41



HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script | Patch

Hello! One little note: we subbed the lyrics in for Ranbu Escalation this episode, despite the fact the song – and hence its official lyrics – aren’t out yet. We considered the scene important enough that it was worth taking a decent guess stab at the lyrics – and we’re like 98% certain on them! But there is a possibility bits could be wrong and we’ll have to change things once the song’s out, but we just thought it worth mentioning not to take them as absolute.

Anyway, please enjoy!